Thursday, February 19, 2015

ELA 9 Independent Reading Assessment

Description: In order to receive extra credit for your independent reading, you must...
  • choose a book that Mr. Cuttler approves
  • log the hours spent reading
  • respond to analysis prompts and identify new vocabulary words as you find them
  • compile a list of and use 15 new vocabulary words and reflect on the process
  • complete ALL parts of this assessment

Part I
Complete and sign Independent Reading Logs: Most of you will require more than one reading log and that is expected and acceptable.  All reading log entries must include the Date, Pages Read, Plot/Topic, Talkback, and Vocabulary Words and each completed log must be signed by you and dated.

Part II
Write a response of 3 full paragraphs (Typed). DO NOT just summarize the book’s plot!
Paragraph 1: Introduce the book and author briefly. Explain what you liked or disliked about the book.
Paragraph 2: Identify a motif that the author uses in your book and describe  3 places where the motif is addressed.  
  • What theme does the motif develop? Be sure to express this theme in a complete sentence. Your opinions about the motif and theme in your novel should be based on specific textual evidence and must include ANALYSIS of the evidence provided ( i.e. How does the text you’ve cited support your opinion about how the motif and theme in the novel?)
Paragraph 3: Cite and analyze an important quote from the book.
  • Explain the context of the quote (Who says it? To whom? When?)
  • Why is the quote significant to the book’s themes, characters, and/or conflict? What is the author trying to convey?

Part III
Vocabulary Activity
Identify a list of 15 vocabulary words from your reading.  Complete the following 4 steps for EACH word:

  1. Cite the sentence from the book where the word is used and provide a page number.
  2. Use context clues to guess at the word’s meaning before you look up its definition.
  3. Write the definition of the word.
  4. Use the word correctly in an original sentence

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