Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cuttler's Superstar Class of the Week - The Competition Continues...

Our first week of Superstar Class of the Week is in the books!  Our first winner is...


Congratulations are in order for 9C for starting out this year's competition with an impressive 2 point win over a late surging 9A, who put up a very impressive 6 point Friday to make 9C work for their win.  The deciding factor was a combination of steady, focussed work on Focus Task questions and independent activities, fruitful collaboration and accountable talk during discussions, and Jerome making Mr. Cuttler (almost) laugh out loud when he composed an interesting topic sentence about boogers.  They earned their 5 points.  Congratulations!

Monday starts a new round of battle.  9A is hungry to avenge their close loss, 9B wants to get on the board and show what they can do, and 9C wants to start the year of with a back to back run. Only time will tell who will reign supreme!

Keep up with the week to week standings here.

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